This Website is Dedicated to the Doctors and Nurses at
Children's Hospital, Austin, Texas, &
Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, who were touched and guided by God's Gracious Handiwork.

This Website is Witness to the Power of Prayer
offered so lovingly by hundreds of family and friends.

Our intention is to "Pass Along" the HOPE
At the End of the Rainbow,
Found through the Power of Prayer,
For families with Preemie Babies.

On 10/16/04 our "normal" world was fearfully transformed by the premature birth of our son, Blake Michael Johnson.  He was born 14 weeks early weighing only 1 lb. 6 oz.   We never imagined how much this day would impact our entire family.  We spent 14 months in NICU care with Blake before he was well enough to come home to his waiting nursery.

In addition to continuously searching for the best medical information for the treatment of our son's critical needs, we also yearned to  discover case histories of other preemies in similar situations that had "made it" out of the NICU roller coaster struggle. 

We longed to find HOPE anywhere.  With each hurried walk down the long hospital hallway we would quickly gaze at displayed photos of successful preemies born as tiny as Blake that were now 2 or 3 years old and thriving.  We were sustained by our own "visions" of our son eventually enjoying with us everyday events such as riding in his stroller or sitting with Mommy and Daddy on Grandma's patio swing.  We found comfort in the prayers of family and friends who were dedicated to Blake's concerns.   We learned to build a strong support base of those who showered Blake with love-filled prayers moment by moment. 

We will always remember the long journey and show our concern for those still in this same struggle.  We want to pass on HOPE and offer prayers of courage and strength through this website.  We invite you to read Blake's story included on our web site and to participate in our Preemie Prayer List forum.  We invite you to leave comments on your thoughts or prayer requests so we can include you in our prayers for all preemies and offer you support with your own preemie issues. 

We have also included a page of links to web sites that helped us throughout our journey. 

                       ...Kimberly and Chad Johnson,
                          Blake's proud parents

Offering Prayers and Visions of HOPE
For Preemies, Parents and Family
Blake's  NICU Journey Inspires
Prayers For All Preemies